Sao Khue Award 2022 is implemented in 6 steps with the following progress: (The below timeline is the expected one)

  • Step 1: Program Launch (10/1 – 13/3/2022) Enterprises and organizations register to participate in the program, please access http://dangky.giaithuongsaokhue.vn for online registration
  • Step 2: Verification of data & prelimination of unqualified nominees (14-15/03/2022)
  • Step 3: Presentation (19-20/3/2022) Enterprises present directly about their nominated products / services / solutions; The Organizing Committee may survey some more customers who are using such products or services
  • Step 4: Voting for the Final Round and Recognition of the Award (26/3/2022)
  • Step 5: Sao Khue Announcement and Awards Ceremony (23/4/2022)
  • Step 6: Communication campaign to promote and market products and services recognized with the Sao Khue Award (throughout the year of 2022).