1. Receiving Sao Khue Cup and Certificate of the Award in Sao Khue Announcement and Award 2021
  2. Having the right to commercially exploit the Sao Khue logo associated with products and services that have been recognized with the titles in business and marketing activities, etc.
  3. Having the right to use Sao Khue logo in interfaces, brochures and/or on packaging of products and services.
  4. Benefiting from Sao Khue Promotion Campaign which is designed specifically for Sao Khue awarded products and services, with continuous activities throughout the year including:
    • To be filmed, interviewed for the reportage film on the introduction of Sao Khue products and services and broadcasted on television.
    • To be introduced in the “Sao Khue Awards on TV” column at:
    • To be introduced on VINASA website at:
    • To be introduced on the e- news of VINASA throughout the year.
    • To be introduced and visually promoted on the website of Nhip Song So e-magazine at, and
    • To be introduced on the Program’s official website at
    • To be introduced and attached with Sao Khue Award logo on Vietnam’s IT Directory at, the information portal on businesses, products, solutions and IT services of Vietnam.
    • Getting special discounts when registering for business cooperation connection service on the website
    • To be introduced on the media sponsors of the program according to the needs of businesses with many attractive incentives.
  5. Being introduced by VINASA to over 2,000 agencies, departments, ministries, branches, heads of provinces, cities and large corporations of Vietnam.
  6. Being supported by VINASA to send direct recommendation letters to potential customers of those whose products / services / solutions achieve Sao Khue Award.
  7. Reportage film on the awarded products will be introduced on VINASA’s Youtube and Fanpage
  8. Getting priority and preferential treatment when giving speeches, participating in exhibitions and trade promotion at major events organized by VINASA throughout the year.
  9. Enterprises with Sao Khue Award-winning products and services can give speeches, get connected and cooperated in a series of Seminars (including offline and online events) to introduce Sao Khue solutions to potential partners with preferential pricing.
  10. Being given priority to VINASA’s consideration to nominate for the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA) 2021. Information about APICTA at: